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St. Charles? new and wide-open cancer wing

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  • During a media tour of the St. Charles campus Thursday, Dr. Linyee Chang, medical director of the newly expanded cancer center, talks about the new, open oncology room where patients get treatment.
  • 6/28/2014
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Frustration mounts over slow VA progress

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  • Andy Tullis / The Bulletin Dr. Jason Dimmig, left, checks in on his veteran patient, Sammy Maxwell, while nurse Grant Ryder stands by following a medical procedure at the Bend Surgery Center. Dimmig would like to participate in a program that would allow veterans to acquire care from local providers outside the Veterans Affairs system, but the program has been slow to launch.
  • 6/19/2014
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The potential problem with food dyes

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  • 6/5/2014
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Drugs treat anxiety ? but worries aren?t over

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  • Joe Kline / The Bulletin Marjorie Carmen, of Bend, was prescribed Ativan but after four years realized she was routinely experiencing withdrawal symptoms between doses. Getting off the medication was even harder. ?It was only my insistence that something was not right. I had reached tolerance, and once you do that, even when you?re taking it as it?s going away, you?re going through withdrawal immediately.?
  • 6/1/2014
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Changes to federal drug programs could hit home

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  • Andy Zeigert / The Bulletin
  • 5/29/2014
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Where Oregon?s ?most medicated live

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  • A customer looks over the selection of medical marijuana and other products at Bloom Well dispensary in Bend earlier this month. Joe Kline / The Bulletin file photo
  • 5/18/2014
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Vexation, progress in chronic vomiting

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  • Joe Kline / The Bulletin Maren Nelson, an adjunct clinical faculty member at Central Oregon Community College, left, talks with a group of nursing students, including, from left, Madeline Winters, Katy Payne, and Anthony Waite, after the students? clinical hours in a cafeteria at St. Charles Bend on Thursday. Nelson is leading an effort to better diagnose cyclic vomiting syndrome in the ER.
  • 5/18/2014
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Making room for health care at home

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  • Andy Tullis / The Bulletin Celine Verbragge of Bend, center, lifts instructor Sarah McNeley, while other new employees watch during a hands-on training session that included learning to lift frail clients.
  • 5/16/2014
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Organic doesn?t always mean natural

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  • Joe Kline / The Bulletin Organic produce, including these apples, are sold at the Bend health foods store Nature?s and elsewhere. Consumers like to buy organic ? but they may not know what ?organic? means.
  • 5/15/2014
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Water in the wild

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  • Rob Kerr / The Bulletin A MSR Miniworks Ex Microfilter water filter screwed on the top of a Nalgene bottle at Tumalo Creek in Shevlin Park.
  • 5/12/2014
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